HUSK 1.3

They named a library for Nell

by Gwendolyn Bright

In our twenties we were americorps volunteers together
Even then she was glamorous
Even then she was sober
Chain smoking
Wearing ecru and champagne
Dressing for the middle school students even then

Our daughters were born on May 30
Two years apart
Camille in New York
Matilde in Virginia
Their mothers talking about the Beats
And the Church
Nearly two decades ago in the gyre

Wondering if Nell would want to share
Experience Strength and Hope
I went to reach out only to find
Camille, an orphan
Now with her grandparents upstate
No more the bilingual Washington Heights apartment life
No more the mother in vintage, the pin-up selfies
She died suddenly, they wrote, succumbed
Donations can be made to a recovery non-profit in her hometown

They named the school library for Ms Foster, Beloved