HUSK 2.1


by Stefania Farmer

May your Solstice be full of light.
May it fill your soul and spark the fire inside.
May your day be flooded in waves of sunshine.
Soak it in and bottle it up.
You will want to remember this in the long winter months.
Let yourself feel free and wild, grow and stretch like the plants and vines.
May your solstice day be full of adventure.
The things of epic quest and transcendental dreams.
Found deep within these moments of quiet simplicity.
Be thankful for the little things; the worms, the ants, the bees.
If you come across berries dripping from the hedge groves. Eat them with cake and honey and cream. Shout your gratitude to the sky.
Run through a field.
Take a dip in a creek.
Eat vegetables grown by the same sun that warms your shoulders,
In that comforting summer way.
May you find time to spend with company that fills you with laughter, warmth and love.
May your bonfire burn bright deep into the night.
Then when the time comes, as it always does,
I hope that light follows you as you dance your way home