HUSK 2.1

Perishable Goods

by Verbz Vegas

A hoarseness
Particularly painful upon
The gravelly precedent,
Already set and preserved,
Was painful to hear at times
As it crept powerfully
Into intonations
It seemed to suggest a precipice
Had been passed unnoticed.
This would have seemed unlikely
If it weren’t that certain person afflicted.
Some scars among the panoply
That cover the body in question
Have no origin story
Alcohol played its part to be sure
But a portion had simply slipped past perception
Until someone spotted and asked
What happened?
Potentials unpursued because there came a time
Despite stupendous durability
That years packed with trauma
Caught up and the body had to succumb
It was hardly punitive.
One pushes and pushes and provokes and pisses on
Limits and statistics and accumulated injuries
Plentiful were the pleasures
But costly
And the hoarse voice so plainly pinpointed
The beginning of a journey that
Though it would be downhill
Would be no piece of cake
Perhaps just strept for the umpteenth time
But it felt permanent and smarted
So far from the prime of youth
When the playful pursuit of the forbidden had started
Maybe a different path and better grades in math
Peers a bit less cold hearted
Pish posh…complaints simply aren’t worth being imparted
Pardon me
I’d rather be
At peace and free
Placating the corpse I departed