HUSK 1.2

Hwyo (ode to a typo)

by Verbz Vegas

As in highway O.
The rue de nada
That’s frenish for…
The sublime plunge to the abyss…
Tis the sweetest kiss.
But the hardest fukn landing.
Standing up and staring
To a beginning now invisible…
The road less traveled
Seems to have become more busy…
The steps in the mud well-trod
And so utterly down trodden

These days travelers begin
At what seem unlikely places
See these unsightly faces
Force smiles while handshakes transfer.
This that that this then both and then much more
Here progress is not a goal
And yet the pride of an Olympian
Shines while still we sink again
Further, oh yes please, further
into traps so aptly named
Outside we feel the shame, the glares, hold the children close
Inside sweet solace mingles with paranoia
Who stole my shit
Beside me a pregnant woman cooks and shoots
Another hit
I’m done I’m done
We cry so many times that count is lost
Then knock knock
Welcome back
Please count twice
Before you’re tossed
Can’t judge a book by covers
So unfair and quite naive
Judges throw books that cover
Calendars we grieve
And honestly we envy those we lost unto the reaper
I’m quite sure this is hell
Tell tales of the good times…
Not the last one when we fell