HUSK 1.2

eclipse enclose

by Zoe Krylova

turn card in late night candlelight
remember to persevere, have fun, love, complete cycle, be careful

fully engaged in guitar spell
interior hallway leads to solitary enclave
knocking about with others while tide goes out
collecting abalone alone

laughter rises from conflagration
loop of downward strum
i hold it under my tongue

you overlooked subtle hue
and retreated from tone
this heavy tome

stay lit
tilt on undulating dock
we opened under night sky
while bay water sucked up our sounds

jotted thoughts                                                                                                                                                    elusive glimpse
stolen grins                                                                                                                                                          star fixed

longing to build a binding
that encases an exchange

i crease homemade parchment
send paper boat downstream after storm
unfold it and hold me
in your song

progression of erosion
prudent and spilling
i build an enclosure
to letting go