husk1.3 a spurting heart

Hail Mary’s. Applebee’s. Speedos. Give Issue 1.3 a gander. Featuring work by Jess Walters, Laurie Rosenblatt, Chance Drummond, Jovon White, Emma Vreler, Gwendolyn Bright, Lizzy Beck, Kelly Wilmer, and Elizabeth Mayer. 

Typos. Congealed milk. Jokes. Milk bottles. And, oh, so much more. Featuring work by Shannon Castleton, Verbz Vegas, Joseph Nieves, Michael Martinec, Zoe Krylova, Audrey Parks, Maeve Hurley, Robin Rosen Chang, Jen Ryan Onken, & Emma Vreler. 

Microwave dinners. Dolphin sex. Cheese rinds. Himalayan glaciers. Umami. And a heckton of birds. Featuring work by Nicole Chvatal, Alberto Reyes Morgan, Cecille Marcato, Jovon White, Christina Ward-Niven, Erin Osborne, Alyson Mosquera Dutemple, & Elizabeth Mayer.